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Welcome to our studio!

Arrow Graphics, Inc. is a Massachusetts based corporation.
Since 1988, we have been offering consulting and complete publication design
and book production services nationally to the publishing industry and
the academic and self-publishing communities.

Our background includes over thirty years of design, print production, and publishing experience. From manuscript to bound book, we are equipped to cater to your needs in all phases of book production, and will be glad to answer your questions and submit a proposal for your upcoming project.


“Every day we commit 100 percent of our experience and talent to produce works of uncompromising quality.”


What makes us successful is a combination of experienced staff,
and an exceptional customer service.

Finished Manuscript
Book production process starts with the finished manuscript: edited, proofread, fact-checked, with graphic elements like photographs, maps, and drawings, if applicable.

Book Design & Typesetting
All book page elements, such as chapter opening, folios, graphics, charts and tables are designed and approved. The book is laid out, paginated and finalized.


Cover Design
After manuscript review and consultation, cover concepts are developed; design drafts reviewed; back cover elements are finalized; final cover design is approved.

Pre-Press & Printing
Final stage of book production process is the preparation of print-ready files for short-run, traditional press-run, or Amazon print-on-demand KDP submission.

Initial free and no obligation consultation of up to 30 minutes, involves discussion of the book project, including the genre, the specific needs, art and graphics requirement, printing needs. We will then evaluate the level of complexity of the project and submit a detailed cost estimate that will serve as an agreement to be signed by both parties.

Costs vary depending on the complexity of the book project. For example, a hardcover book will be more expensive than a paperback; a how-to book with several bulleted text, icons, graphics and tables, will be more costly than a simple novel. See Book Cover and Inside Book Design tabs below for average pricing.

For a complete book production package including printing, we would require 1/3 of the total cost at the start of the project; 1/3 upon approval of final cover and inside layout before going to press; and the balance upon receiving the sample book prior to shipping.

For all other services, which do not include printing, our terms are 1/2 of estimated cost at the start of the project and remaining balance upon approval of final layout before releasing final press-ready files.

Successful book production project starts with a clean manuscript. Professionally edited and proofread manuscript guarantees a trouble-free and cost-effective production. Along with the manuscript submission, the client provides the finalized title, back cover text, blurbs if any, about the author text and author(s) photo if desired. All images and graphics are submitted separately.

Starts with rough design ideas for the front cover only. After experimenting with typefaces, colors and images—based on client preferences and likes, an initial concept is developed. After feedback from client, front cover design is finalized and spine, back cover and ISBN barcode added to the full cover spread layout. Usually, two to three rounds of soft proofs conclude the cover design. After client sign-off, final press-ready files are generated.

Average Book cover pricing:

Simple cover:  $299 - $399
(4-color, paperback or hardcover, either no image or image provided by client)

Medium complexity:  $400 - $699
(4-color, paperback or hardcover, includes graphic elements or a royalty-free stock image)

Complex cover:  $700 and up
(4-color, paperback or hardcover, right-managed stock image or commissioned art)

Extensive alterations and any post approval changes are charged at $65 per hour.

Starts with sample page design including, folios, chapter opening, representative pages, layout of images, graphics and other special elements if applicable. After client approval of inside book design, the final manuscript is flown into the final design template. The entire book, including front and end matter is paginated and soft proofs sent to client. Corrections and alterations are sent back by client for another round of proofs. Usually, two to three rounds of soft proofs conclude the inside book typesetting process. After client sign-off, final press-ready files are generated.

Average Book interior pricing:

Simple layout:  $2 - $4 per page (fiction, poetry and straight text non-fiction)

Medium complexity:  $4 - $8 per page (includes placement of up to 20 tables and graphics, up to 200 footnotes/endnotes, end matter such as bibliography and index­—all content and graphics provided by client)

High complexity:  $8 - $15 per page (includes complex page layout with wrap-arounds, multi column sections, multi-level headers, unique icons, etc., placement of up to 50 tables and graphics, up to 500 footnotes/endnotes, full end matter—all content and graphics provided by client). Commissioned art or stock images charged additionally.

Extensive text alterations and any post approval changes are charged at $40 per hour.

Final stage of the book production process starts with preparation of press-ready files for short-run, traditional press-run, and Amazon print-on-demand KDP submission, and concludes with printing, binding and delivery of books.

We can provide short-run (up to 300 books) and traditional press-run (up to 25,000 books) printing service, should you decide to have us manage your print production. Printing and binding services include, trade hard and soft cover, children’s picture books, printed case and jackets.

Amazon no longer offers paid services for Print-on-Demand formatting. This means that all submissions to KDP (previously CreateSpace) must be in print-ready PDF files (cover and the inside book). We provide cover and inside book files per KDP requirements. We can also help with KDP submissions at no additional cost. Should you decide to have the digital edition of your book, we’ll be happy to recommend an e-book conversion service.


Frequently Asked questions

Yes, we offer book cover design services alone for new or legacy titles.

We are not. A vanity press, vanity publisher, or subsidy publisher is a publishing house in which authors pay to have their books published under their imprint. Arrow Graphics is a book production services company. We offer book design and production services to self-publishers and small presses that do not have an in-house production capability.

ISBN is the standard ID number used to identify books. If you plan to sell your book through online retailers like Amazon, in bookstores, or to libraries, the answer is yes.

Per U.S. Copyright office, "your work is under copyright protection the moment it is created and fixed in a tangible form that it is perceptible either directly or with the aid of a machine or device. In general, registration is voluntary… You will have to register, however, if you wish to bring a lawsuit for infringement of a U.S. work." Read more at:

We provide short-run (up to 300 books) and traditional press-run (up to 25,000 books) printing service to our complete production clients. However, if you only need printing services, we can refer you to one of our associate book printers.

Yes, exclusively for our clients, we offer design and production of customized promotional material; logos; postcards; sell-sheets; posters; bookmarks; print and digital ads.

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We will be glad to answer your questions and submit a proposal
for your upcoming book project.


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